Frequently Asked Questions

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Pre Sale Questions

Quality Click Control has been around for several years. We started with a self hosted version of the software and moved to a more control hosted SaaS solution to bring the best features possible to our clients.
We allow everybody to login to a demo account and test out the software to make sure we meet your needs before purchasing an account with us, for this reason we do not give a money back guarantee.
We offer a Starter account that does not charge you a monthly fee, although there is a setup fee to get your account setup.
YEs, your account is setup immediately, although every account has it's own domain name which could take a little while to propagate across the internet. Normally this takes about 15 minutes.
Currently we accept PayPal and Credit card payments.
Currently we only offer the tracking service, although we can help you find other things that can benefit your marketing needs, depending on what kind of marketing you are doing. We have been marketing online for many of years and have tons of resources and recommendations available.
Once you have an account with us you can always login to your billing section and click on the support link or use the "Contact Us" link you see on any page of our website.

Tracking Questions

We have developed QualityClickControl to work no matter what platform you are advertising on. Weather you are doing ads on the major search engines like Google and Bing, to any kind of Solo Ad, Facebook, PPV, or banner ads we have you covered!
With our customer conversion tracking wizard you can track literally anything with our pixel code. From optins to sales, and even if they went into certain pages of your sales funnel, QualityClickControl can track it all! We can even show you your profitability depending on your traffic source!
With a self hosted version of any tracker they are limited to the server they are installed on, with the new version of QualityClickControl we host everything on our state of the art lighting fast secured servers. We are able to add features to the software that would not work in a self hosted environment because you can not control your server environment. This allows us to continue development and giving our clients what they need and are asking for!
Bot tracking has become fairly complex as hackers have coded multiple ways around most tracking platform, although we keep our proprietary bot tracking under wraps so not to tell hackers exactly what we are looking for to detect possible FAKE traffic.
YEs, we have split testing features that allow you to pick a winning link(s) depending on multiple different scenario such as OPtin Conversion Rate, Estimate Per Click (E.P.C.), and Total Sales. All done on automatic so you are not having to watch and analysing your traffic 24/7.
Yes, we are actually one of the innovators in link rotators when it comes to internet marketing. We have many rotator types such as Evenly Distribute, Fulfilment, Random, and Spillover rotators. All with advanced features like GEO Targeting, MAx number of clicks, Mobile redirects, Pixel Retargeting, and much much more.
We are proud to say QualiltyClickControl was one of the first tracking software programs to incorporate GEO Targeting! We give you the ability to accept and/or black traffic from specific countries.
We show just about everything possible for each click that comes in such as referrer, country, city, state, device type, unique vs. raw, browser, platform, ISP, Timezone, and just so much more! We suggest using the demo account to create a tracking link, click on the link and view the stats we receive from you click on the demo link you created.