Quality Click Control V5.6.1 (DISCOUNTINUED)

Quality Click Control has had many revisions and changes since inception. About 3 years ago QCC went from a self-hosted software program to a hosted solution and was coded from the ground up using the latest versions of PHP, mySQL, etc. At that time all current self-hosted clients were notified that the software would eventually not be enhanced or supported any longer.

Fast forward a couple years and Quality Click Control's assets have been purchased by Harbor City Digital Ventures, Inc and we have decided to bring back the self-hosted solution to everybody needing a click and converison tracking software application.

We believe that other tracking software companies should not have the ability to decide what you can and can not promote (of course unless it is illegal), and you should have a tracking solution that is accurate amoungst it's users. So expanding upon the QCC's hosted solution software program, we have created the new QualityClickControl v7.0 self-hosted software, which allows YOU to be in control! No more worries about somone "policing" your links you are promoting and potentially shutting off your account. No more monthly fees depending on how much traffic you are running through the application. Bottomline.... just no more B.S. which gives you more time to do what you need to do, track track track and track some more!

We have a new software package you are being invited to purchase. The same QCC features you have loved in version 5.6.1, and many new features you can now use such as device targeting, advanced bot tracking, automated split testing, retargetting & cloaking links, and much more!

Currently there is a promotion for $200 off the cost of the software and we would like to extend this offer to all the users of the old version of Quality Click Control. You can review the pricing options by clicking here.

Welcome back to the new QualityClickControl, the originators in the traffic & conversion tracking, created by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers!