About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

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Jayson Benoit


Jayson Benoit was the brain child behind QualityClickControl and has been evolved in developing this tool since 2012. From a tool used by himself to track his tracking, to a SaaS solution used by many people online to track thier traffic and conversions.

Tim Benoit

Technical Director

Tim has been in "IT" before they even called it "IT". With decades of experience in hardware and software Tim keeps us secure, safe, and running. Continuing to look into the development of QualityClickControl and scaling it's operation, Tim brings the IT knowledge needed to position us for the future.


Client Manager

Sammie is just the nicest person you will ever want to meet and is very dedicated to her Husband and children! She cares for our clients and makes sure they have the best experience possible with QualityClickControl.

Angel Pagan


Angel is a cancer survivor and has several years of sales experience. Angel listens to the client and what they are looking for to come up with a solution to best fit their needs. Very personable and very fun, Angel would love to talk to you to see how we can help your needs.

Our Values

We strive to bring you the highest quality tracking software for your online business!

No matter if you are doing affiliate marketing, CPA Marketing, or A Solo Ad Provider, out tracking software bring you the best quality and features for your business.


We focus on bringing a quality product to fit your tracking needs, no matter if you are the most advanced internet marketer or someone just starting out.


We provide a quick an accurate account of all your traffic and conversion tracking with our servers optimized for lighting speed.


The last thing you want is a lot of downtime. Our environment is built for High Availability, helping to ensure you are up and running.


Packed with advanced feature the most seasoned marketer will appreciate, although easy enough for a newbie to use.


We keep your account locked down like Fort Knox! We even go through the extra expense of protecting your account from DDOS attacks from hackers trying to bring you down.

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