QualityClickControl Features

Why choose us for your tracking needs?

As an affiliate marketer it is vitally important to find out which campaigns and traffic sources are profitable to you. Knowing your stats is vital in knowing your profitability to make sure you are not spending too much time or money on a losing affiliate offer or traffic source.


Seconds count when someone clicks on a link going to a webpage. We are using some of the best hardware and software today to give you the best speeds when tacking your traffic, making it seemless to the end user.

Full User Support

We value our customers and give them quick answers to any questions they may have. With our support desk most tickets are resolved the same day.

Instant Download

In today's world we understand if you buy something you want it NOW. When you order you can immediately download the software from the client area.

Conversion Tracking

Ability to track using pixels things from Optins, to Sales, to any custom configuration you want. Know which ads are performing the best for you and bringing you the best ROI and EPC.

Link Cloaking

Hide your affiliate link from anybody so they do not steal your affiliate commission!


Facebook retargeting has become very popular, although you use to need to own the webpage to put the retargeting pixel on it, with QualityClickControl you have the ability to set a retargeting pixel on ANY webpage..

Link Rotator

If you are doing eMail Marketing and sending generic emails for multiple offers, our rotators allow you to rotate through multiple links multiple different ways.

Bot Protection

Identifying and protecting you from fake traffic that you may purchase for your affiliate marketing needs is what we do! Have piece of mind as we show you potential traffic sources that are sending you fake traffic and costing you tons of money.

Link Locking

Password protect your links and have the ability to post a message on the password page. This is used by many marketers to have people do some kind of action before they receive the password. Such as "Call me to get access".

GEO Targeting

Some affiliate offers only will pay out on customers from specific countries. We allow you to limit what specific countries you will allow to see your links and redirect the rest to another URL of your choice.

Link Monitoring

We can monitor and notify you immediately when your links may have errors, such as 404 or 503 page errors, also monitor if your links are on specific blacklists that can cause havoc when marketing via email.and notifying you immediately.

Mobile Redirect

Redirect your mobile traffic to a mobile ready URL.

Traffic Blocking

Multiple levels of traffic blocking - IP address, Countries, and more.

Click Stream Logs

Download your click logs from any tracking link or campaign in an easy to use .csv file

Share Your Stats

Share your stats with anybody, colleges, clients, etc... to show them how go or how bad an offer performed for you.

Easy Duplication

Easily duplicate any link or any campaign with just a touch of a button. Allowing you to buy traffic from multiple locations and easily track the traffic from each traffic source individually. Making the mundane tasks quick and easy.

Multiple Logins

Give your staff the ability to login to your account and configure each persons capabilities.

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