How do I create a Tracking Link Campaign?

Here is how to create a basic Tracking Link Campaign and Link:

1) Click Tracking Links.
2) Click Add.
3) Enter in the Campaign Name.
4) Click the Submit button.
5) Under the Actions column, click the Links icon.
6) Click the Add Link button.
7) Enter the URL to send people to in the URL field.
8) Click the Submit button.
9) Repeat Steps 6 - 8 for every Link you wish to add to this Tracking Link Campaign (as it is a Tracking LInk campaign you may only wish to have 1 Link since it is not a rotator).
10) In the Links table, provide people the Tracking Link to visit.

Bear in mind this just covers a very basic Tracking Link campaign creation and its Links. There are many options that you can modify as you need for the Campaign and for each Link that are out of scope for this specific Knowledge Base Article.

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