How come I am being redirected to the Quality Click Control web site?

When you create a Campaign, QCC also creates that Campaign's Default Link. By default it is pointing to the Quality Click Control web site ( You can edit the Default Link's properties, even disabling it, by clicking the Default Link tab when you are viewing the Links in a Campaign.

The Default Link is used in several situations, outlined below. By far the primary reason this occurs is #1:

1) Random or Spillover Campaign: These Campaigns track what Links a visitor has been redirected to by placing a cookie on their web browser. Once they have been redirected to all of the valid links in the Campaign they are sent to the Default Link.

2) When all Links in a Campaign have had their Maximum Click quota met.

3) When Geo Targeting and requiring 100% of the traffic from your listed Countries, the incoming visitor is not within the allowed countries.

4) When Geo Targeting and allowing some percentage of the traffic to be outside of your listed countries, the incoming visitor would be over that non-allowed country percentage.

5) The Links are outside of their Start / End dates/times.

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