I buy traffic and want to know how to setup QCC to track the incoming ad buys.

There are MANY different ways to setup QualityClickControl for ad buys, but we will explain the quick and easy way to get you started.

Once you login to your QCC software on your website, look at the menu on the left side of the screen.

Click on "Tracking Links" and then on "Add Campaigns".

Type in a "Campaign Name" and "Campaign Description".
For example : if you are buying traffic to goto your front end pages, squeeze pages, sales page, etc. You can just call this campaign "Traffic Buys".

Then click on the "Submit" button.

This will setup your campaign and show you a list of all Click Tracking campaigns you may have setup. Now you need to add links into the campaign you just setup.

So under the "Actions" column click on the chain link icon.

Now on this page click on the "Add Link" button.

In the "URL" field type in the complete URL to the page you want to sent traffic to and in the "Description" field type in a description. (We suggest in the description field to type in the person or company you are buying traffic from)

Then click on the "Submit" button.

On the following page it will then show you a list of all the tracking links you have created. You will need to give the tracking link to the person / company you bought the traffic from.

Once traffic is received you can then view the reports of all they traffic by logging back into QCC.

Then click on "Tracking Links"

Then click on the chain link icon in the "Actions" column associated with the Tracking Link Campaign that has your links setup within.

Then under the "Actions" column on this page click on the reporting icon.

This will then display all the stats about the traffic that was sent to you from that specific person / company.

To add conversion pixels to be able to report on optins, sales, expenses, or any other custom engagement, please refer to our knowledge base section for "Conversion Tracking"

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