How does conversion tracking work?

There are 2 possible methods for QCC to track a conversion:

1) Cookies: When someone visits one of your QCC Links, and that Link has Tracking enabled, QCC will create a cookie on that user's device with the Link information. Then then the user visits the page with the proper Conversion Code on it the visitor's browser sends the cookie to the web server and our code reads that cookie for the Link information. QCC then saves the conversion data, assigning it to that Link. If you are using iFrames for the Conversion tracking Code this method may not work reliably due to how iFrames, cookies and web browsers interact. If you experience issues using an iFrame with Cookies then you should use the "URL Variable" method instead of cookies.

2) URL Variable: This method embeds the Link ID within the Conversion Tracking Code itself, not relying on a cookie being returned from the user's browser properly. Within the Conversion Wizard you select "URL Variable". A drop-down box will then appear for you to select the Link for this Conversion Code. The resulting code will contain the "convlink" variable that assigns the Conversion to that Link ID. For this method to assign conversions to a link properly each Link will need separate Landing and Thank You pages.

For the "URL Variable" method, you may be able to get around needing separate Landing and Thank You pages if the platform you are using allows custom coding and you have a programmer that can dynamically capture the incoming link information and pass the appropriate Link ID to the Conversion Code on the Thank You page (dynamically setting the "convlink" variable).


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